Installed in 2008, TOP-INGENTRACT Sarl Benin was created to provide a solution to the Beninese industry for the transport of telecom equipment. As time went on, Top came to be solicited for the clearing of these materials by its partners who regularly import equipment for the installation of their telecommunications sites and for their civil works projects. Since then, its growth has been made due to a conscious and constant effort of its diverse and varied staff, to remain among the best. Its services then limited to the Benin territory, spread in the countries of Inter-land, with a branch in Togo-Lomé and partners worldwide.


With our Headquarter in the Economic Capital of Benin, Cotonou, TIT offers its customers a full service in both Transit and Telecommunications, including various services that meet the demands of customers and partners, a customized solution. We ensure every transaction without segregation, to give very competitive advantages in terms of quality / price ratio, and in an unbeatable time. As professionals, every TIT staff gets up to date every day, providing customized solutions for each new situation they face, and so we grow together.


Over the years, TIT has been training and continues to do so, to maximize the many opportunities that come and help for it flourish and develop well. Our next step will be more diversification and specialization to consistently embrace healthy growth. Our goal is to be at the Top for any market demand, with a complete, efficient, competitive, different and very flexible and appreciated service.

TOP-INGENTRACT GROUP provides expert consulting services in telecommunication, transit, Logistics, warehousing and civil work throughout West Africa Francophone Countries. We forge business alliances and contacts with major Telecoms Service Providers, technical partners and other strategic service providers.
Our strategic business is focused on excellent services delivery to our clients.

Our services include:

  1. Telecom and civil work Services
  2. Managed Service Solution
  3. Site Built Solution and Tower Supply
  4. Warehouse Management Services
  5. Outsourcing
  6. Transit

TOP-INGENTRACT GROUP focuses on providing comprehensive, innovative and cost effective solutions that are flexibly built around our customers needs.
We always strive hard to exceed costomers’ expectations with our highly competitive rates and excellent service delivery.


We are commited to ensuring a personalized service that meet our customers expectations and satisfactions

We have trained and commited teams that strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do

We practise accountability and transparency in all our business dealings and fairness dealings and fairness in all our working relationship.

We have dedicated and experience staffs who offer optimized solutions. We always think through solutions that get your services to its desired destination at the right time wihin your budget.

We are an integral part of our clients’ supply chain. We always proffer smart, innovative and timely solutions to specific issues.

We pay attention to details and offer great value to our clients, A smile on our customers’ face is the joy of our continous dedication and hard work

We always give the right information to our clients and partners to enable them make the right decision at the right time.