Managed service has become a de-facto option for the cost and quality conscious buyers. An outcome based engagement model, not only relieves the operational “headaches” for the customer, but also ensures business results are guaranteed. Our managed services are meant for the organizations seeking to focus primarily on their critical business functions. TOPINGENTRACT GROUP owns the responsibility for day-to-day operations and business operations. Our Managed Services drive continuous operational excellence with a laser focus on quality services and revenue assurance. We offer managed services tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Our managed services provide the following:

  • Integrated Site Maintenance(Active and Passive) O&M
  • Power Management
  • Diesel Supply and Management
  • Network Management
  • Site Security and Janitorial Services
  • Hybrid mode
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Configuration


We build and supply towers that accommodate multiple tenants. TOP-INGENTRACT GROUP Benin provides full turnkey services for macro sites (Turnkey/Civil Site Build solution, From Site Acquisition to Ready-for-Installation, and Network Monitoring Centre). Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction for the telecommunications and commercial industries. Our construction expertise allows us to handle project scopes of all sizes whether it’s site acquisition, soil test, building construction, constructing new telecommunications towers, reinforcing or modifying existing towers, installing lines and antennas, or performing maintenance on existing structures for both telecommunication and commercial/private buildings. We have good experience in tower supply and erection as listed below:

  • Monopoles Tower
  • Roof & Wall Mounted Poles for Antennas & Micro Wave Dishes
  • Self-Supporting Tower
  • Guyed Tower

Construction excellence is what we do best, bringing our ingenuity, expertise and experienced teams of engineering and construction professionals to bear for the benefit of the project. Our construction services comprise the full range of building and refurbishment activities, providing a complete project delivery solution that radically reduces interface risk.

Summary of our site built process: Supply



We will achieve your road construction project through integrated resources with our team of experts. We are safety oriented, financially sound highly motivated, strategically positioned and professionally managed. 

We perform all phases of road construction to include: earthwork, utilities, drainage, concrete and asphalt paving.

TOP-INGENTRACT GROUP offers multi-client and dedicated warehouse management services, we provide a comprehensive range of warehousing services, fully supported by a bespoke warehouse management system including :

Inventory Management: Managing your business’ inventory is a time consuming task that includes managing returns, physical inventories, cycle counts, adjustments, and more. We offer customers fast and efficient processing of orders.

Loading: The goods received are stored in a predetermined location. Light-duty and heavyduty racks are installed to secure optimum locations for various cargo volumes and packing styles.

Unloading: Using the unloading instruction list dedicated for the customer and handy terminals, the goods to be unloaded are picked up from the location where they are stored. Goods can be unloaded not only individually, but also on a case and pallet bases.

Distributive Process: Depending on customers’ needs, various distribution services such as issuance and attachment of dedicated labels, placing of articles in dedicated containers, packing, repackaging into smaller sizes, and inspection.

Shipment: A final check of cargos is performed based on the shipment date and time, and the cargos are loaded into trucks and containers from the shipment lane.